Fundraiser for Golden Legends Championship Challenge 2023

Hello all, this is Dollie. Thank you so much for checking out my first fundraiser!

I am a California born alt model, burlesque dancer and entrepreneur. I am best known for my hit blog, The Rockabilly Socialite. Success with my blog led to being in Vogue, being Vintage Rock’s US Correspondent and starring on TLC’s Wives With Beehives. I just started my burlesque career in 2022, in Sin City, kittening at Tittease. I have since had the privilege of  debuting at The Square Bar. It was a “full circle” moment to perform at venues I once used to party at, such as The Mint and Oddfellows. I love combining my love of vintage fashion and old music into my burlesque performance as a way of self expression. I would love to show you why they call me Las Vegas’ Queen of Hearts!

To further my burlesque education I have joined my first dance challenge as a protégé in the 2023 Golden Legends Championship Challenge. This challenge pairs proteges with a mentor and a Golden Legend to help develop a new act that will be debuted in Las Vegas between August 17th and 19th. I have been accepted under the mentorship of Steph Sugar, GASP! This is a challenge I don’t take lightly! 

However, I need community participation. Eeek! Part of the challenge is learning to develop a fundraising plan, schedule, budget and fundraise via crowdsourcing. This will help me in the future to be a well rounded entertainer. Each protégé is responsible for raising at least $400 to help offset the costs of the Mentors and Golden Legends travel expenses. These funds will also help cover elements needed to make the competition happen; like venue space, rental vehicles, and awards. But, raising the most wins me the GOLDEN HUSTLER award! That just sounds fun! These extra funds will also be used for increased advertising, increased scholarship and award money, and charitable donations to BurlyCares. I love the work BurlyCares does and am glad to support them. 

Donate HERE via Paypal, Cashapp, or Venmo. 

Thank you so much for your time and consideration. Anything helps because it’s the effort that matters. 



2023 Golden Legends Championship Challenge Protégé 

You’ll never do a whole lot unless you’re brave enough to try.” -Dolly Parton 


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